AutomateWoo Plugins Terbaik Produk WooCommerce

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Download dan Install Plugins AutomateWoo untuk Toko Online WooCommerce  anda.

AutomateWoo Plugins Terbaik Produk WooCommerce adalah sebuah plugins Otomatisasi pemasaran yang kuat yang dirancang khusus untuk toko WooCommerce Anda.

Ubah dan pertahankan pelanggan dengan pemasaran otomatis yang melakukan kerja keras untuk Anda. AutomateWoo memiliki alat yang Anda butuhkan untuk mengembangkan toko Anda dan menghasilkan lebih banyak uang.

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AutomateWoo Plugins No.1 Produk WooCommerce

Powerful marketing automation for your WooCommerce store.

Convert and retain customers with automated marketing that does the hard work for you. AutomateWoo has the tools you need to grow your store and make more money.

The #1 sales and marketing plugin for WooCommerce. Abandoned cart reminders, coupons, cross selling and more. Automate your sales funnels!

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  • Product Version: 5.2.1
  • Last Updated: 2021-01-07
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AutomateWoo Plugins Terbaik Produk WooCommerce

Follow Up Emails

Automatically email customers who buy specific products and ask for a review or suggest other products they might like.

Abandoned Cart

Remind customers who have left items in their shopping bag with automatic emails at set intervals.

Win Back Inactive Customers

Target inactive customers with automated email marketing campaigns. Include special offers and recommendations.

SMS Notifications

Send SMS notifications to customers or admins for any of AutomateWoo’s large range of triggers. Integrates with Twilio.

Review Rewards

Get more product reviews by offering discounts for reviews. Limit the discount based how many reviews posted and by the rating given.

Wishlist Marketing

Send timed wishlist reminder emails and notify when a wished product goes on sale. Uses WooCommerce Wishlists or YITH Wishlists.

Birthday Emails

Delight customers with a special WooCommerce birthday email and coupon with the AutomateWoo Birthdays add-on.

Card Expiry Notifications

Notify customers before their saved credit or debit card expires. When selling subscriptions this can reduce failed payments and churn.

Personalized Coupons

Generate dynamic personalized coupons for your customers that increase purchase rates.

Subscriptions Automation

Perform actions based on WooCommerce Subscription events such as status changes, failed payments and renewal reminders.

Refer A Friend

Boost your word-of-mouth sales with the AutomateWoo Refer A Friend add-on.

Automatic VIP

Reward your best customers with VIP status based on different spend requirements.

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